Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a model to book a shoot with you?


Absolutely not. My clients are a mixture of experienced models, aspiring models and women who have never had a professional photoshoot and might be a little camera shy.


How long does a shoot last?


However long it takes to get the images! There is no set length as I prefer my clients not to feel rushed or against the clock. Some shoots will take longer than others, and the more outfits worn, the longer the shoot.


Do I get to choose the images for editing?


Absolutely. I will send you a link to an online album of proof images, from which you will be able to choose the ones you wish me to edit. I am happy to give you any guidance based on what I think the best images are, but ultimately it is your choice. You also have the choice over which images get edited in colour and which ones in black and white.


Can I have the unedited photos?


No you can’t. You will only receive the edited images that you choose. You may print these edited images any size and any number of times you wish; you can share them with friends and family by email, or share them online or as prints; you can post them on social media or upload them to your website. You can use them as part of your modelling portfolio. However, I do not permit my images to be sold or published by a third party in any way without our prior agreement in writing.


Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?


Absolutely, if it makes you feel more comfortable, but please ask them to bring something to read or do quietly and let me know in advance. You can also book a double shoot with a friend! (Contact me for details of pricing). However, please do not bring anyone under the age of 18.


Will my photos go on your Instagram/Website?


I never post any image online without the consent of the subject.  Many of my clients are happy with me to post some of their images online, but others have had images made for their own private enjoyment or as a present for their partner. Your preference will be respected and followed.


Do you offer discounts for students?


Yes, I offer a 10% discount on any shoot package for anyone with a current NUS card. I also operate a referral scheme, whereby if you refer someone to me who goes on to book and shoot with me you can receive additional edits or a discount for another shoot.


Can I do a combination of your different styles?


Absolutely. we can build a shoot exactly to your requirements. However, if this is going to involve a lot of outfit changes then this pay change the overall cost of the shoot due to the added time required. Through consultation we can decide what you want from your shoot, and then I will provide you with a quote for the overall cost. Similarly, if there is something you want but can’t see in here, please ask.

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